Saturday, December 14, 2013

Where did the time go? - December 2013 Edition

The other day in reading a few blog posts I notice that some of my favorites were a little neglected. I was about to give them a little jab over twitter, then I thought when was your last post? Umm, Umm, Yeah got myself. August 25th. It's December, where did the time go?

I realize that I am not the master of content, churning out daily posts or even weekly posts. But I think it was time for something.

I could go down a list of thing of how we got to this point but let me filter out the more technical highlights.

Things that have kept me busy since the last post:

  • Fall Semester started - now is almost over, couple more days.
    • Limited packetfence work other that keep it running. FreeRadius issue - patched with restart script
    • Cloud storage vendor change
      • Twinstrata implementation - Lots of data move from one provider to another
    • Office 365 Implementation - Still in process
      • Initial setup was contracted, production migrations up to us
      • Migrations scheduled into early next year (2014)
    • Personal device Printing - Still in process
      • IOS/AirPrint - Papercut
        • Bonjour over Cisco controller based wireless
  • Family - busy with activities for the kids
With Christmas break coming up, unlike some who get a change freeze, I get a change window, including some during the middle of the day.

Looking forward past the current items: 
  • Testing of new gear
    • Airtight AP - received that in late November, have to dig into the interface to see all the nerd knobs
    • Brocade switches
      • Received 2 - 6610 and 2 - 3450 switches to evaluate uses as campus switches
      • The 6610 has the potential to be used as a core replacement, with the stacking and L3 features. 
  • Getting back to OpenDaylight. 
  • Writing a few more posts. The list above has more than enough topics to write on, just have to do it.

If anyone picked up on that little tidbit a few lines back, yes my core switch is slated for EOS in a couple years, so I think it is time to evaluate what is out in the market. 

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