Thursday, June 5, 2014

CentOS 6.5 under Hyper-V - Help Needed

So I have a need to run CentOS 6.5 under Hyper-V and need certain features which are not working.

Why Hyper-V?

  • Because we are a mostly MS shop
  • Education Licensing
  • It is what I have to work with, so dumping it is not an option.

And the Problem is:

CentOS contains LIS 3.1 for Hyper-v. which shows degraded Networking under Hyper-V console. (Upgrade Needed)

LIS 3.5 contains the networking components to do vlans directly on the host.

LIS 3.5 does not install, says it does but component check shows 3.1 versions.

Only workaround is to present the vm multiple NIC's which I would like to avoid.

If you have some validated working instructions or resources please respond in the comments.


Update 8/27/2014:
This is normal for the Intergration kit to be off. Things still work. The answer I was looking for can be found here: