Friday, February 14, 2014

OpenDaylight on Windows - Hydrogen

A couple weeks ago OpenDaylight released Hydrogen, which is the first production release of code. This is a pretty significant milestone as it wasn't that long ago that ODL started.

Now I have detailed getting the controller up and running on windows in a previous post, that was actual building from source.

After a bit of try and fail of running the controller on x86 32-bit windows, I remembered that the Java seemed to run better on x64 version of Windows.

My test system:

Dell 2850 - 4 gig of ram running Windows Server 2008 R2


Install Java SE 1.7.0_51

Set JAVA_HOME Environment Variable on system.

 ** Important note ** Use the 8.3 path name  This comes into play when starting the controller from the batch file.

Download pre-built zip file from

Unzip into a directory

Open a Command Prompt as Administrator

Change to opendaylight directory in the folder extracted from the zip file.

Type run -start  to start the controller in the background. It takes a little bit before it is ready. If you are impatient like I am, run netstat -a in another command window. When you see localhost is listening on port 8080 you are ready to go.

Then point a web browser to http://localhost:8080

Login as on previous builds: