Friday, June 21, 2013

Certification - Where do I start from?

So I have been working in IT since 1996, did mostly PC work until 2000 when I started doing this network thing... We had all this Cisco gear, and I wanted to go get my Cisco certs. But it was clear that they were not going to help in my current employment (Financially). Put it on the back burner, kids came along, further back.... Less and less Cisco gear, some staleness in learning on my part, also additional responsibilities. Finally decided to get my Masters degree (price was right, working in EDU does have some perks).

Now after starting this blog, using twitter, connecting with others in the industry, I have decided that maybe it is time to move ahead with a certification. My goal is not too accumulate certs for the sake of doing so. It really is about learning and growing.

Daily tasks cover lots of topics not just networking. Server Admin, Telecom, Networking, PC, Database, Security, etc. The "All other duties as assigned" part of the job description fits quite well. This happens when working in a department of IT department of 7, err maybe 8 now.

On my goals in my review this year I put down obtain one certification. The $64,000 question is which one?
That is what I am asking, I would appreciate some feedback as to options?  Cisco, HP, Security related. Just looking for a place to start with, and the value of it.

So please leave a comment, send me a idea on twitter.


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