Thursday, August 2, 2012

NAC - Sounds Scary - First Thoughts

So for the last 12 years that I have run the network at my University we have tried various methods to manage student devices on the network.

  • Paper Forms (Dumb ass Idea)
  • Port-Security (Static, goes in with above)
  • VMPS (If I remember correctly, you know the Cisco vlan switch-a-roo server) Kinda worked,. Custom Front-end written by a former student.
  • PacketFence 1.6 - (Ran that version for like 4 years)
  • PacketFence 3.5 - (Started at 3.2 testing, Prod today is at that version)

NAC can be hard and painful to implement. As you see from above I've used a couple of versions of PacketFence. I am happy with the product. I've been very pleased at the work the lead developers have done since giving the project a backing a few years ago.

I plan to run through the deployment that I have just about completed soon. So stay tuned. Just not to close, it is August and students are starting to return to campus, which mean if I wasn't busy before, I will be now.

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