Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Vendor Frustrations

Today I sit here, last day of vacation. Skimmer though work email just so it doesn't overflow. (I am pretty bad at the disconnection part). I have received 2 emails from vendor $. Basically telling me that my renewal is about 60 days past and wondering am I going to renew. Oh and they have graciously allowed me to continue to use the product. Along with this was a quote for 3 years for the product.

Where the frustrations comes in is as follows.

Back in late October I get an out of the blue renewal quote for 33% higher. I have a discussion with multiple sales people about this. Standard line about "We haven't raised rates in x years... Blah Blah."

I get price changes, but 33% in one year, and with zero notice. My budget just doesn't work like that. July to June budget cycle with budget planning submitted in January. That makes it tough, to take. And yes I did plan for a small increase.

Finally got a "New Sales person", He understood where I was coming from with the large increase. We worked through to a number that I was comfortable with. I never heard another word.

Right before the holidays, after I started vacation I get a voicemail and email that my Sales person had been out of medical leave, and was hoping that this sales person was hoping that I would still renew.

I have never seen the agreed upon price in writing. Which seems to be lost at this point. And frankly I have spent way more time than this product maybe worth. I wear a lot of hats at work and any vendor wrangling is just frustration and keeps me from doing the thin
gs that are need of me.

So I tweeted out this: Link to tweet.

So that is where I am right now. Will my renewal or not make a difference to this vendor? Only time will tell.

Vendor $ = Monitoring Company

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